Friday, July 4, 2008

What is the truth?

Is there such a thing called truth?
Is it absolute or relative?
Can you call facts, the truth?
Or is truth much larger?
If this life is an illusion, are the truths we assume as truths, really the truth?
Does truth have morals?
Is there such a thing called good truth and bad truth?
Is half-truth a lie?
Is being economical with the truth, a sin?
Does the mirror know the truth?
Did Buddha know the truth?
Is there a difference between knowing the truth and realising the truth?
Is destiny a pack of lies?
Do the languages have the vocabulary to fathom the truth?
Can the truth be figured by thinking?
Can it be figured by staying still and silent?
What happens when you realise the truth?
Is that the end?
What do you do then?


R.Rajesh said...
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R.Rajesh said...

interesting blog.
now that you have a '1000whats'
why don't u also start these: 'the whys men' the 'where-wolves' ooops this is now beginning to sound like trivia titles...mebbe it was the wherewolf that spoilt it, but methinks 'whys men' might work as part-2 of '100whats'.
or am i just being a spoilsport? maafi saar!!