Thursday, June 26, 2008

What is this soul?

Is it the 21 gram weight-loss your body suffers when you die?
Is it the inner voice that speaks to you in a moment of crisis?
Is it the oxygen that flows through your veins?
Is it the self-propagating selfish gene from the primordial parental soup?
Is it the instinct that overrules the mind and the heart?
Is it the invisible spark from the immortal fire?
Is it that which makes you human?
Is it the moral police residing within?
Is it the actor that plays out many characters in many lives?
Is it the electricity that powers the machine called body?
Is it the program written by destiny to operate you?
Why haven't scientists been able to figure it out?
Do you need scientists to figure it out?
Can't you search your soul, all by yourself?
If so, what is soul searching?

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